Helping People Help Themselves

Our partners are working to improve their communities. We help.

Our local partners increase access to safe water, sanitation, hygiene, food and/or energy: the basic building blocks of life. We have partner centres in eight countries. Our goal is 30+ centres worldwide by 2022.

Textile ​production ​pollutes water ​and generates ​more emissions ​than all ​international ​flights and ​maritime ​shipping ​combined, ​according to a ​2017 report by ​the Ellen ​MacArthur ​Foundation.​ Scientists have been working on ways to reduce the impact of...

WASH in Healthcare Facilities – lessons from research in Rumphi District, Malawi (Nov. 2019)

TI and DRI report on our research into WASH in Healthcare facilities. TI is working with the Desert Research on building a toolbox to improve sustainability of WASH in Healthcare facilities. Poor WASH affects quality of patient case and safety of staff, patients, and...

Behaviour Change and Covid-19

What lessons are there from behaviour change work that would help us in covid-19 work? A recent article explores useful tips.

Climate change, deforestation, and water

A recent New York Times article described the devastation caused by deforestation to increase agriculture production needed due to growing population in the Comoros Islands, East Africa. This is a lesson on what can happen when we degrade natural forests. 

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