Helping People Help Themselves

Our partners are working to improve their communities. We help.

Our local partners increase access to safe water, sanitation, hygiene, food and/or energy: the basic building blocks of life. We have partner centres in eight countries. Our goal is 30+ centres worldwide by 2022.

Innovations for sustainable water

Innovations for tariffs and sustainability of community water systems shared by a Kenyan friend with demonstrated phenomenal technical skill and practical know-how.  "...when he sends me an example of some promising technology, I know it comes from someone with a real...

India faces “zero-water” day

Water Crisis Looms

Today, the New York Times reports on the looming water crisis facing the world.

Evaluation of 7 examples of post-construction support of rural water systems

Recently published report provides guidance on approaches to improving sustainability of rural community based water systems.

Independent evaluation of water treatment methods (WHO)

Since the establishment of the International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technologies (the Scheme) in 2014, WHO has been independently evaluating the performance of household water treatment (HWT) technologies in removing microbial contaminants from...

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