Helping People Help Themselves

Our partners are working to improve their communities. We help.

Our local partners increase access to safe water, sanitation, hygiene, food and/or energy: the basic building blocks of life. We have partner centres in eight countries. Our goal is 30+ centres worldwide by 2022.

In Laos, addressing childhood stunting.

World Bank blog describes new program in Laos The World Bank's Baby Wash program includes useful innovations to help reduce childhood stunting - a permanent and devastating condition.

Recent research on gendered impact of covid pandemic

A recent WaterAid blog post shared research data on the gendered impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on women and girls. WASH access is highly influenced by social inequalities. 

Textile ​production ​pollutes water ​and generates ​more emissions ​than all ​international ​flights and ​maritime ​shipping ​combined, ​according to a ​2017 report by ​the Ellen ​MacArthur ​Foundation.​ Scientists have been working on ways to reduce the impact of...

WASH in Healthcare Facilities – lessons from research in Rumphi District, Malawi (Nov. 2019)

TI and DRI report on our research into WASH in Healthcare facilities. TI is working with the Desert Research on building a toolbox to improve sustainability of WASH in Healthcare facilities. Poor WASH affects quality of patient case and safety of staff, patients, and...

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