Partners in Community Transformation

An international network of in-country centres of excellence.

We believe that community development and sustainable change require in-country capacity, ownership, and ongoing knowledge-into-practice. Community Transformation Centres (CTCs) focus on one or more of three general areas:

• WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene)
• Energy efficiency and renewables
• Technologies for agricultural value chains

Upcoming Online Course: Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management (starts May 1st – online for 5 weeks)

Online course introduces faecal sludge management – an important aspect of safe sanitation.


WSSCC appoints volunteer national coordinators

Connecting the dots-Advancing the WASH agenda in 16 countries with WSSCC’s National Coordinators.


Charity: Water uses technology to monitor functionality

Organization pioneers new means of accountability for donors


Sanitation for All – Experiences, Challenges, and Innovations

“Achievement of ODF status is now recognised as only the first stage in a long process of change and sanitation improvement, with new challenges emerging every step of the way, such as how to stimulate progress up the sanitation ladder, how to ensure the poorest and marginalised are reached, or how to maintain and embed behaviour change.”


Solar water set-ups – a better way?

Solar pay-as-you go water systems a better way?


Swords to Ploughshares, Guns to Rope pumps

Imagine turning guns into rope pumps? No matter your thoughts on the value of guns, it’s an interesting technical challenge!


E4C reports Charitable Foundations have a Unique Role to Play in WASH

What should foundations focus on if they want to see real change in access to water?


Pits in India

Blog post by Robert Chambers on the Community Led Total Sanitation site describes the challenge of getting good information through to users and helping them understand what could really benefit them as opposed to normal practice (which does not). Read More...  ...

RISE – Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy

“Very simply, access to energy can help end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. That’s why the world committed to Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all as one of 17 goals for 2030, and to dramatically increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.”


Rushing into Solutions without Fully Grasping the Problem

“According to Huston and Gabrielsson the real problem lies within the way the failures are addressed. Actors in the sanitation sector often rush to solutions without fully grasping the problem. Without complete understanding of the problem it is not possible to learn from previous mistakes. And it is exactly this learning process that is essential to improving WASH services.”