Partners in Community Transformation

An international network of in-country centres of excellence.

We believe that community development and sustainable change require in-country capacity, ownership, and ongoing knowledge-into-practice. Community Transformation Centres (CTCs) focus on one or more of three general areas:

• WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene)
• Energy efficiency and renewables
• Technologies for agricultural value chains

Consider shared latrines…

"Funding for safe, shared toilets in fast-growing developing-world cities is at risk of neglect from donors, policymakers and planners, a new journal articleauthored by sanitation specialists, senior economists and leading academics has warned."...

Peace and Conflict Resolution skills

There is no question that awareness of conflict and conflict sensitive approaches are important to consider when undertaking assessments, planning, and implementation of development programs of all types. Of interest may be the Rotary International 3-month certificate...

Avina Foundation has translated their case studies on “Sustainability Centres”

This publication will be of interest to those seeking solutions to long term community water system operations and maintenance issues. Download...

Community Health Worker training

You may recall hearing about the Millennium Villages program developed by Jeffrey Sachs many years ago. In 2016 they posted an article on their blog and shared access to a package of materials developed to train and evaluate community health workers. Many of our...

Development is not a science…

The Guardian recently published an article on the challenges of monitoring and evaluation in development work. The author feels that our current obsession with measuring impact is actually paralyzing aid workers. I've certainly heard that from many working in WASH,...

Social Entreprises Help

The organization Reach for Change Africa supports the development of social enterprises. It reports that over the last 5 years over 1 million African children have benefitted from social enterprise development. "The non-profit organization, which, this year, is...

Stunting is a global issue

According to the World Bank, almost 1 in 4 children, globally, are stunted. We know that poor sanitation contributes to stunting. In Senegal the WB is supporting a multi-sectoral approach which is having excellent results. Stunting has now dropped to 19%, the lowest...

Upcoming Online Course: Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management (starts May 1st – online for 5 weeks)

Online course introduces faecal sludge management – an important aspect of safe sanitation.


WSSCC appoints volunteer national coordinators

Connecting the dots-Advancing the WASH agenda in 16 countries with WSSCC’s National Coordinators.


Charity: Water uses technology to monitor functionality

Organization pioneers new means of accountability for donors