WASH in Healthcare Facilities – lessons from research in Rumphi District, Malawi (Nov. 2019)

TI and DRI report on our research into WASH in Healthcare facilities. 

TI is working with the Desert Research on building a toolbox to improve sustainability of WASH in Healthcare facilities. Poor WASH affects quality of patient case and safety of staff, patients, and families. Our research started with a landscape review (and appendix) of existing literature. We then spent 3 weeks in Malawi in November 2019 collecting data at all the clinics and hospitals (both govt run and faith-based) in Rumphi District. Our report has led to important insights on the barriers affecting sustainability.

Thoughts on Resilience

In a recent LinkedIn comment, Michael Burke, Chairman and CEO of AECOM talked about the importance of thinking about and planning for resilience in every project large or small. What does this mean for development work? We need to be thinking and talking about how to build resilience into all of our projects moving forward.

Read Mr. Burke’s opinion piece here.