Community Water Management

Clarissa Brocklehurst recently posted on the RWSN network the following:

At the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina, we decided to make community management the focus of our most recent WASH Policy Research Digest.  (more…)

Peace and Conflict Resolution skills

There is no question that awareness of conflict and conflict sensitive approaches are important to consider when undertaking assessments, planning, and implementation of development programs of all types. Of interest may be the Rotary International 3-month certificate program in Thailand. Here is an interesting BBC article written by a participant about the program and scholarships.

Community Health Worker training

You may recall hearing about the Millennium Villages program developed by Jeffrey Sachs many years ago. In 2016 they posted an article on their blog and shared access to a package of materials developed to train and evaluate community health workers. Many of our member centres train Community Health promoters and I’m wondering how these materials compare? Here’s is the link to the site.

Development is not a science…

The Guardian recently published an article on the challenges of monitoring and evaluation in development work. The author feels that our current obsession with measuring impact is actually paralyzing aid workers. I’ve certainly heard that from many working in WASH, particularly around the issue of funders seeking particular results that in actual fact, may or may not be useful for the recipients. The challenge of moving funders to a different approach is real – and a funders need for “countable” results understandable. Read article…