Community Transformation Centres (CTCs)

We refer to in-country centres as Community Transformation Centres or CTCs. Upon meeting standards, CTCs join the Transform network, access the resources of Transform International, and the benefits of sharing knowledge and experience between centres.

CTCs offer services appropriate for local needs, including some or all of the following:

  • Technology demonstration centres, technical information and plans;
  • Training of local entrepreneurs to build private sector capacity providing technology products and services that are simple, market-based, effective, affordable, and where possible, constructed with locally available materials;
  • Basic business skills and mentoring, links to financing, and payment options for customers;
  • Training of local NGOs and CBOs to build capacity;
  • Project implementation and technical support to other NGOs implementing projects;
  • Circuit rider programs (trained and certified technicians) providing support to individuals and communities on oversight during construction, long term monitoring, and maintenance and repair of water and sanitation systems on a fee basis;
  • Certification of vocational and technical training in WASH, based on an internationally accepted standard.

There are national and international organizations providing support in some of these areas of focus. Our intent is to collaborate, not compete with existing efforts.