Our primary role is as an incubator piloting and demonstrating best practices and seeding these innovations to the sector at large, to grow the CTC model across the development world – more partners, more solutions, more knowledge, more Centres, more countries, greater impact.

The end results? Strong resilient communities equipped to solve problems on an ongoing basis. New businesses growing to meet development needs – jobs, income, and access to learning – lead to improved quality of life and livelihood.

Social Impact Investing:

How can You Help? You can contribute in the following ways – by opening your networks and expertise, provide core funding and/or program or location-specific support. You can support us in the way that is most important to you. Let us know what works for you.


Our core team is located in Victoria, BC (Canada), Washington State (USA), and the UK. A broader group of dedicated volunteers from around the world provide additional support. We welcome help in any of our areas of focus (water, sanitation, hygiene, agricultural development, energy efficiency and renewables) and in strategic planning, business skills development, brand, marketing etc.

If you are interested in getting involved we’d love to hear from you. Contact Us.