The Toilet Trade: How to Sell Sanitation Successfully and to Scale

You are invited to join a SuSanA webinar on Wednesday 22nd August, 15:00 BST (London time)

Market-based approaches, like sanitation marketing, have become an accepted way to increase WASH impacts at scale. Inherent in a market system are market transactions, which can be reduced to the basic acts of buying and selling. However, this is not as easy as designing a great toilet that will “sell itself.” During this webinar we will focus on selling toilets successfully, discussing: what to do and what not to do when building sanitation sales capability and how iDE, a market-based NGO, has used direct sales strategies to reach accelerated scale.

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We will hear from two presenters from iDE and Whitten & Roy Partnership, find summaries of their presentations below:

Five key mistakes in building sanitation sales capability
Scott Roy, Whitten and Roy Partnership
For market based approaches to work well, they require effective sales planning, recruiting, training, sales management, and other relevant business acumen. Scott Roy, co-founder of Whitten & Roy Partnership, is a leader in sanitation marketing globally and will share with us five key mistakes that are made when building sanitation sales capability:

· Recruiting the wrong people to sell
· Failing to train sales people and managers adequately
· “Pitching” and trying to convince people to buy
· Promoting the best sales person to sales manager
· Planning and managing territory haphazardly

Direct sales strategies to reach accelerated scale
Yi Wei, iDE
Like many organizations, iDE looks at the market at both the individual enterprise level, and beyond; seeks to correct systemic market failures through interventions like R&D, capacity building, and value chain development. Yi Wei, the Global WASH Director of iDE, which has facilitated the sale of over one million WASH products, will discuss how a market-based NGO has used direct sales strategies to reach accelerated scale.

The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes, with two presentations, followed by a question and answer session with the two speakers. We will also open the session 30 minutes beforehand so you can test your video or microphone and meet other participants.

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