Madan PNG-CTC, Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

by | Jan 2, 2017 | 0 comments

The PNG-CTC has been established in the Jiwaka Province area east of Mt Hagen PNG.  The PNG-CTC Management Authority is a partnership between Rotary Clubs, IEEE, and three local NGOs. The PNG-CTC is located in a remote area around the Madan Coffee and Tea Plantation’s Health Clinic where a “regional CTC Area” with a10 kilometre radius area of focus for WASH, Energy, Health and Education is programmed.  Three Rotary Women’s Community Centres have been constructed for adult education with a focus on women; area schools scheduled for independent WASH systems & Internet based curriculum’s and a “regional family transformation model” planned to serve initially 4,000 people and expanding to 44,0000, including35 schools.  The PNG CTC Management Authority Board will oversee the construction and program management of the CTC program funded jointly by Rotary International TRF, District and Club grants and design and funding of the off grid power, Internet and distant learning programs by IEEE’s Smart Village program