Making a Mzuzu drill

Mzuzu drilling can be used for deepening an existing hand dug well or making a new “borehole”.
Mzuzu drilling is one of the most affordable methods but not suitable for all conditions.
Many hand dug wells are drying up (due to climate change). Digging deeper is often dangerous, especial when the well wall is unstable and is collapsing. In these cases the soil condition is often ideal for Mzuzu drilling. Let us help you find out if this method could work in your area.

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The SHIPO drilling combines sludging, percussion and jetting. It includes aspects of Rotary jetting and of the Baptist drilling technique.

The SHIPO drill method can drill in non consolidated deposits of sand and clay, small gravel and weathered rock, also hard layers can now be drilled with new drill bits with tungsten tips. For gravel or stones from 1 to 3 cm an open bit can be used combined with sludging by hand.

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May 4, 2017