Interested in becoming a member of the Transform network?

Transform is accepting applications for membership in the network. Our criteria for selection are:

  1. Passion – “Fire in the belly” – highly motivated locals;
  2. Track record – clear evidence of success indicating competence on top of passion;
  3. Interest – as we believe in the long term benefits of a centre that can provide capacity building and training, demonstrations of useful appropriate technology options, and implementation of programs, we are seeking partners with similar values and interest;
  4. Collaborative – a core value of Transform;
  5. Knowledge sharing and “learning” organization – at least demonstrated willingness and interest;
  6. In for the long term – we are not looking for a good short term project but rather a partner who sees the benefits of being a long-term regional institution that evolves over time to meet local needs;
  7. Interest in WASH, agricultural development and/or energy efficiency and renewables;
  8. Physical space (land and building) suitable for demonstrations and/or training;


Contact us. We will arrange for a conversation and preliminary application. Successful applicants are provided an MOU to review and sign.


Members are expected to participate in our online knowledge management facility – Noddlepod, and to share their experiences, ask questions, discuss options etc. with fellow members and our group of associates.

As Transform is demand-driven, we will also work collaboratively with each member to understand needs and develop a plan of action for how Transform can help the centre meet its goals.


  1. How many centres could there be in one country?  Answer: We anticipate more than one centre per country. Each would be responsible for the region around their centre determined by their practices and purpose. Centres may overlap if their area of focus is different e.g. WASH versus agricultural development.
  2. Is there a cost to membership? Answer: Currently membership is free.