The Importance of small-scale agriculture in Africa

Article on the importance of supporting small-scale farmers by reducing barriers ” limiting their access to inputs; foster the adoption of environmentally sustainable approaches and technologies; increase access to credit and markets; facilitate farm mechanisation; revitalize agricultural extension systems; strengthen land tenure rights; ensure equity in supply contracts; and strengthen small-scale producer organisations.” Read More…

Breakthrough Energy Ventures – 5-point strategy

BEV is a billion-dollar fund to finance breakthroughs in energy technology. Speaking in Paris recently Bill Gates described their strategic focus.

Bill Gates: “Energy transitions take a long time, but there’s more urgency than ever to prevent the worst impacts of climate change,” said Gates, in a statement. “We need new models of investment and new partnerships between governments and a broad network of investors, companies, and energy customers. Breakthrough Energy is designed to help facilitate those partnerships and bring more energy products from the lab to the market more quickly.”