Jacana Smart Centre

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Dinie Nijssen, Director, Jacana
Rik Haanen: Manager Water Jacana

Since 2015 Jacana supports small scale entrepreneurs in Zambia who want to expand their business, so that they can grow economically and create better living conditions for themselves and their environment.

In 2016 the SMART Training Centre was established and fits perfectly in the goal of Jacana. In the training centre we train and guide two groups of entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs for Water & Water for Entrepreneurs (E4W & W4E). 

  • E4W: the SMART Centre trains local entrepreneurs in making Simple, Market based, Affordable and Repairable Technologies (SMART), like rope pumps, EMAS pumps, manually drilled boreholes and ground water recharge systems. This creates a local supply chain and profit based sustainability of water infrastructure in the area. Apart from technical training, Jacana provides business training and guidance.
  • W4E: next to training Entrepreneurs for Water (E4W), the Jacana SMART Centre also trains and guides small scale entrepreneurs who use water to generate income (W4E). They produce products or services with the SMARTechs to serve their fellow community members. For example water vendors, car wash, vegetables, chicken or cattle farmers etc. Also this group will receive a business training and guidance.